Are you a professional counselor? - Rhona Epstein

Are you a professional counselor?

Do you have clients who are struggling with their relationship with food?

Many people abuse food to one degree or another. At the same time, our culture has become obsessed with diet and exercise. For some, problems with food and weight become so out of control that life is significantly negatively impacted. This lesson will help participants understand the issues behind compulsive overeating and food/weight obsession.

Dr. Rhona Epstein provides a roadmap for overcoming destructive eating patterns and related issues. True transformation is far more than finding the latest fad diet or exercise regime and involves the realms of physical, emotional and spiritual. For those stuck in a battle with food and weight, Epstein shares hope and direction for true freedom.

Are you interested in learning more about how to navigate the world of food addiction in your personal practice?

This course is designed to equip counselors to respond to the growing needs of clients with eating disorders. It provides the latest information on research-based treatments for eating disorders, including medical implications, working with children, adolescents and males, treating co-morbid disorders, compulsive overeating and food addiction, models of treatment, group/family therapy, spiritual foundations of healing, and more.

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