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The Food Issues Eating Us Alive

Any given month in America, between 6 and 15 million people binge out of control, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Yet millions never get help or seek treatment. If they did, they would find our community, along with doctors, scientists, researchers, and therapists who confront overeating,

When Good Hormones Go Bad—the Sad Saga of Hungry and Full

You’re at your favorite restaurant and enjoyed a delicious meal of your favorite foods. Your plate is empty and your stomach is distended with fullness, but the server hands you the leather-bound dessert menu.

“I couldn’t,” you say.
“Are you sure,” the server asks.

Then the “tapes” play in your head—the familiar “voice” that takes you to the opposite place of health.

When it’s Not About the Diet

Spring is here! Warmer weather brings thoughts of shedding our winter layers of clothing—and weight. Typically April begins the dreaded swimsuit preparation season, when many of us revive our New Year’s resolutions of getting into shape. Workouts. Diets. Fretting and frustration. All in an effort to achieve that great beach body.

For most of us, those strenuous diets are short-lived.

Suffering in Secret Shame

Morning has come and you awaken in sickness and shame. The self-condemnations begin—your weakness, lack of willpower and inability to keep your word. You feel worthless. As you look at your reflection in the mirror, you hate what you see.

You promise yourself that you will never do it again. You pray on your knees. Yes. You can do it.