The Satisfied Journal - Rhona Epstein

Rhona Epstein: Satisfied Journal

The Satisfied Journal

Bestselling author and food addiction expert Dr. Rhona Epstein provides readers with a new resource for finding and keeping food freedom.

Following the breakout success of Satisfied and The Satisfied Workbook, food addiction counselor Dr. Rhona is back with Satisfied Journal. Based on her more than thirty years of experience in addiction recovery, this journal uses thoughtful questions and prompts to guide readers deeper into self-reflection as they wrestle with the way they relate to food.

Satisfied Journal can be used alongside its companion devotional and workbook or as a standalone tool for continuing the journey toward recovery. Dr. Rhona pairs scriptural encouragement with personal and practical questions to push readers to write honestly about their feelings and experiences with food addiction.

The questions and prompts in Satisfied Journal will:

  • provide a periodic check-in during the recovery process
  • encourage honest self-reflection
  • help readers facilitate an intentional relationship with food
  • challenge readers to be vulnerable with God

The newest addition to Dr. Rhona’s Satisfied line, Satisfied Journal is a prayerful and contemplative resource that provides readers with healing as they work through food addiction towards recovery and food freedom.

Dr. Rhona is one of the few professionals to speak to the tantamount role of spirituality and faith in sustained recovery.

Marty Lerner, PhD

CEO, Milestones Eating Disorders Program