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Online Course

Jumpstart your recovery and break free from food addiction.

Are you ready to take those first steps towards recovery, but don’t know where to start? With Satisfied online courses, you can be a part of an online support group led by Dr. Rhona. Each week for 12 weeks, Dr. Rhona will walk you through a section of Satisfied, uncovering the physical, emotional, and spiritual issues behind food abuse.

Not only will you receive the benefit of Dr. Rhona’s 30 years of expert help, you’ll also have a community of people to help you wrestle through managing food in difficult situations, overcome temptations, and change your unhealthy relationship with food and your body. If you’re ready to make a change, this course is for you. Sign up for your 15-minute consultation today.

Satisfied Online Courses will be officially launching in June!


Option 1
Weekly on Tuesday nights, 7pm CT (8pm ET).
Start Date: June 12th
End Date: August 28th

Option 2
Weekly on Friday afternoons, 12pm CT (1pm ET).
Start Date: June 15th
End Date: August 31st

Begin your recovery journey today!


Sign up for a free 15-Minute introductory session to meet Dr. Rhona and ask questions. This is REQUIRED before selecting your package


Receive 12-weeks of group sessions, $50/session, with Dr. Rhona. Copy of Satisfied provided.

Only 10 slots available! All the benefits of the basic package, with 3 individual 45-minute sessions, plus a copy of Food Triggers provided.

Only 5 slots available! All the benefits of the basic package, with 6 individual 45-minute sessions, plus a copy of Food Triggers provided.

The Basic package includes 12-weeks of group sessions. Participants will benefit from the weekly support group structure, wrestling through trying times with others who are on the same recovery journey. The open discussion is enhanced by Dr. Rhona’s professional expertise and personal experience with food addiction.

The JumpStart package includes the 12-weeks of group sessions, plus 3 one-on-one consultations with Dr. Rhona. Participating in individual sessions with Dr. Rhona will enhance the recovery experience with personalized attention from a therapist with 30+ years experience in the eating disorder field. Dr. Rhona’s highly-customized approach to recovery will give participants the tools they need to uncover the root of their addiction and next steps to move forward.

The Premium package includes the 12-weeks of group sessions, plus 6 one-on-one consultations with Dr. Rhona. This package will allow the individual to make the most of their Satisfied Online Course experience with individual sessions every other week throughout the journey.

Payment plans are available for those of you who’d like to pay in installments. If you’d like to pay for your package up front, you’ll receive a $100 discount. That means the basic package will be $495, Jumpstart will be $795, and Premium will be $1095.


Before beginning your recovery journey, you are required sign up for a free 15-minute consultation with Dr. Rhona. No pressure, no strings attached. Take your health into your own hands.

What Rhona’s Clients Have To Say…

“One of the most important aspects of my journey to recovery from compulsive overeating has been participating in group counseling under Rhona’s guidance. Rhona provides her years as a skilled therapist and an expert in the field of food addiction, while the group members offer each other encouragement, support and a common understanding of the experience of a recovering food addict. I have found that the combination of Rhona’s expertise and the support of the group are essential keys to my freedom from compulsive overeating and food addiction.”

Cynthia, Satisfied Pilot Program

“My Food Addiction Recovery Group led by Dr. Rhona has ‘tipped the scale’ from ‘wanting to be in recovery’ to ‘BEING IN RECOVERY!’ Let’s face it, no one wants to wear a badge stating ‘FOOD ADDICT’, we want it to keep our addiction a secret. But committing to the Food Addiction Recovery Group has been the best decision. The group is a place for support, understanding, advice, suggestions, prayer, Bible verses, counseling and most unexpectedly… genuine friendships. My group is uplifting and encouraging and I’m so grateful that I’m part of it! My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Rhona for her commitment and encouragement to all of our recoveries!”

Daisy P., Satisfied Pilot Program

“When you struggle with an addiction, you begin to believe that no one else understands you’re thinking but that’s the great thing about group, we all get it! My group experience during the satisfied spiritual journey toward food freedom helped me to realize that not only was I not alone, there are others out there that think just like I do, maybe I’m not crazy. Maybe I just need to get help. Our group time was safe and confidential. I looked forward to having that time where I was heard and understood by the other group members and encouraged during the difficult times. I believe we all have things we are unaware of but are obvious to other people, that was the great part of group, they were allowed to speak truth into my life and helped me to see my blind spots. I loved my group experience.”

Cindy P., Satisfied Pilot Program

“I was a part of Dr. Rhona’s Satisfied online group and found the group aspect to be very helpful in understanding food addiction and what it means to struggle with it. It opened my eyes to several things in my life that I am working to change for the better! Dr. Rhona is a very knowledgeable and compassionate person who not only gave sound advice from her perspective as a therapist but also biblical advice and encouragement! This group of women are leaders in their own right and each in a different way are strong women who found encouragement in each other, building support and friendship ties that will continue on as we all work toward our goals.

Thank you, Dr. Rhona, for writing this book which will encourage people for decades to come, and also for starting this online group connecting people from all over the country to share, support and encourage one another!”

Gwen S., Satisfied Pilot Program

“My journey started two years ago when I attended one of Dr. Rhona’s half-day seminars. I am a counselor and went to help my clients with emotional eating. After hearing her talk about sugar addiction, I was realized I had been living my last 15 years causing in an addiction cycle that I didn’t even know existed.

I was blessed to be a part of the first “Satisfied” online course. The book was life-changing in my journey. Satisfied allowed me as a recovering addict to dig into the who, what, when, and where of my addiction. The group was vital in my ability to reach almost going on a year of abstinence. Praise the Lord!! We were able to walk the 90-day journey to freedom, discuss the ups and downs of abstinence, and draw closer to the Lord in the process!”

Jennifer S., Recovering Food Addict and Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

First, you MUST sign up for a 15-minute consultation with Dr. Rhona. This is a free call where Dr. Rhona will get to know a bit more about you. After that call, Dr. Rhona will send you a link to select your package.


Do I need to purchase a book to go along with the course?

You will receive a copy of Satisfied with the purchase of the Basic, JumpStart, or Premium package. If you purchase the JumpStart or Premium package, you will also receive a complimentary copy of Food Triggers.


How do I access the online group?

The group takes place with a live video chat through Zoom. Each week, participants will receive an email invitation and simply click the link to join.

What will we talk about each week?

Dr. Rhona will pick 1 or 2 topics related to the readings each week (such as overcoming resentment or fear) and start off by discussing those topics. As the conversation progresses, a discussion will take place, allowing each participant to share their thoughts, opinions, and struggles. Each week will vary depending on the needs of the group.


How long are the group sessions?

The sessions are 1 hour and 30 minutes long.


I purchased the jumpstart or premium package – how do I schedule my individual sessions?

Dr. Rhona will work with individuals to schedule one-on-one sessions.